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Our obsessive tendencies have turned us into techno addicts who have been branded by consumption.My aim is to draw attention to the idea that we have become products of society through very quirky, silhouette driven, pop art garments.However I am a huge fan-girl of Solange Knowles and really admire her unique style and bold taste, so she would definitely be a dream client for me for sure and is the personality I have in mind for my next collection.

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It was a slightly surreal feeling, but I was and still am super grateful for that opportunity to showcase my work on a stage like that. I went to a friend of a friends graduate fashion show at QUT about 8 years ago and I remember exactly how I felt.

I remember sitting there, music blasting with these fantastically weird yet wonderful creations strutting down the runway.

The submitted look explores the relationship between our generation and the social media platform, Tinder.

The jacket explores the disconnect in relationships and the idea that ‘love’ is sold to us and is ultimately ‘made by society’.

I do however want to expand and branch out as much as I can so once my time in Brisbane has come to an end, Sydney is my next destination.

Winning this competition has given me a lot more confidence in myself and as a designer and has put me in a different head space to what I was in before.Brisbane Fashion Month 2017 saw an array of fashion creatives come together to showcase their best designs.The Brisbane Fashion Month Creative Competition promoted emerging talent within the fashion industry.I think my shock came from the fact that a lot of the other contestants already had established businesses so that was pretty intimidating, and the rest of the contestants had really strong looks.I was super honoured and was really proud of myself and it was nice to be acknowledged for the work I have done/am doing and that it was received well even though the design itself is pretty out there. I have never had my designs presented in such a public way, so it was really interesting to see the crowd’s reaction and gage what the public finds exciting and what interests them when it comes to fashion.The general public also voted for their favourites and to say the competition was tough would be an understatement.

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