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  1. American men come to Italy to meet a nice Italian girl, only they’ve misjudged the peril and they lack the necessary skills to compete, so they are largely ignored or perhaps even mocked for their naivety.

  2. If you would have read this above you will be disappointed that there is nothing listed so far. 1925-1928 Versuche mit Duraluminium-Rahmen ("Dural" aus Düren). Nach seinem Tod wurden sie als Dauerleihgabe dem Stadtmuseum überlassen. Wer hinten blieb, um den kümmerte sich niemand mehr. In the rain and on the rim of the front wheel they rode 36 kms to Tijesno. Fifths day: They had to wait because the new tire had to be ordered in Spallato. Sixth´s day: To Sebenicio passing donkeys and cows on the "main road". 1935 waren 130.000 zahlende Besucher; viele in Auotobussen. Genau diese Reise möchte ich mit ihm nochmal machen. Mit einem Unterschied: Heute sitzt nicht sein Vater am Steuer des Gespanns, sondern ich, sein Sohn. In total he has visited a bit more than 70 countries. With a ship he came back to America (Boston) and rode back through bitterly cold in december 1964 to Nebraska.

  3. We have a strong anti- scam policy and you can report any lady from our site that you suspect of scam or any on-line fraud.

  4. Sure, you might have a whole list of specifications and options you would to have, but you also understand that finding that perfect ONE is probably all but impossible, so you're already going into it with the idea that you'll probably have to settle.

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