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‎), is a traditional Middle Eastern headdress fashioned from a square scarf, usually made of cotton.It is typically worn by Arab people, as well as by some Mizrahi Jews and Iranic nomads (especially Kurdish people).Chafiyeh A style of Keffiyeh that originated in Iran, based off the Iranian Dastmaal Yazdi with influences from the Palestinian Keffiyeh.

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The keffiyeh is usually folded in half (into a triangle) and the fold worn across the forehead.

Often, the keffiyeh is held in place by a circlet of rope called an agal (Arabic: ).

Several photographs of Khaled circulated in the Western newspapers after the hijacking of TWA Flight 840 and the Dawson's Field hijackings.

These photos often included Khaled wearing a keffiyeh in the style of a Muslim woman’s hijab, wrapped around the head and shoulders.

This was unusual, as the keffiyeh is associated with Arab masculinity, and many believe this to be something of a fashion statement by Khaled, denoting her equality with men in the Palestinian armed struggle.

The colors of the stitching in a keffiyeh are also vaguely associated with Palestinians' political sympathies.In Malaysia, the keffiyeh has been worn by Muslim women as one of hijab fashion and during Palestinian struggle against Israel that has caught the attention of international media, many Malaysians wore it to show solidarity for Palestine.The keffiyeh, especially the all-white keffiyeh, is also known as the ghutrah.The scarf gained popularity during the Iran-Iraq war as a sign of Shi'a resistance against Saddam.The Chafiyeh is also worn by Basij members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as occasionally by members of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces.The Jordanian keffiyeh has decorative cotton or wool tassels on the sides; the bigger these tassels, the greater the garment's supposed value and the status of the person wearing it.


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