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Sam is beautiful, slim, and has long red hair and emerald green eyes. Some fans have speculated that she might be of Irish heritage.

Sam's style of dress is considered to be "preppy hippie".

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Sam meets Martin during the episode "Totally Mystery Much? Martin tells Sam that she's like his step-sister, Diana, because of their similar "buzz-kill" personalities.

While Mandy is more of a rival to Clover than she is to Sam, some rivalry has been shown.

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"We have received reports from members of the public of communications, including Whats App messages, offering Super Valu vouchers by clicking on a link/asking to enter personal information/ answer questions or sharing the post.In the episode "Another Evil Boyfriend", Sam and Alex find out that Blaine, Clover's perfect boyfriend, is evil and is trying to assassinate them.Though they attempt to capture him, Jerry tells them in the end that Blaine misunderstood that Clover was an evil spy.This is seen in "The Suavest Spy", when Kyle Katz chooses to dance with Clover and even gives her a necklace, to which Sam responds by saying that she deserved the necklace instead of Clover.Being the founder and administrator of WOOHP (World Organization Of Human Protection), Jerry generally gets along well with Sam, unless he transports her and the other spies to WOOHP by suddenly sucking them up through various everyday objects, while something important is going on in their lives.Britney wins Sam's friendship when she mentions in passing that she likes to play chess.

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