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It was like Batman and Robin, if you didn’t like the movie itself, you definitely can dig the soundtrack. 7, 2010 – RUMOR – Morgan Freeman has been offered the role of the colonel.His typecast is always that of a paternal, or grandfatherly role. Tetsuo always ends up being the star of the show, just like Spielberg said the T-Rex was the star of Jurassic Park.

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This scene has to be that important, that climactic. If these gangsters were 14 and looked like Justin Bieber, it’s not going to work.

Young gangsters are messed up and hardened, so they need to look it. Maybe the characters can be at least 16 and the older is about 20.

Otherwise, I think Thomas Dekker could also be a good Kaneda. 6, 2010 – RUMOR – Zac Efron has been offered the role of Kaneda. It’s possible it’s success was because the readers could relate to this depiction.

And then it was picked up by American publisher Epic Comics (Marvel), possibly making it the first young Asian characters in American comics, especially fictional ones actually created by an Asian author.

Heck, maybe the filmmakers can even get some sponsors out of it.

What they need is a lot of flash, action, and definitely a good modern soundtrack.If there’s any substance to this rumor, than that could only point to the rumor of Jaden Smith as Testuo being more feasible. Cloud where he plays a grieving big brother to his deceased little brother’s ghost. Efron can earn his action typecast as Tetsuo, not Kaneda. What we know, but isn’t concrete: How I would approach it: 1.Strange rumors, really wondering what direction it’s going now. However, I’ve read suggestions that Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson might make a good bad-boy-scout of a Kaneda. Keep it Asian When Akira the manga first came out in Japan, it was one of the first comics in to have almost realistically drawn Asian boy characters that weren’t hyper cartoony.The anime makes it seem arbitrary, Tetsuo killing Yamagata at the bar just for showing up.In the manga, all the events lead up to Kaneda and his gang discussing how to deal with Tetsuo and ultimately confronting Tetsuo.For reference, check out Resident Evil: Code Veronica.


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