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The family taxes have gone up the swanee, the family home up in flames, and there have been problems with the children.

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'When he needed a father,' says Michael Parker, an Australian war-time Navy pal who was Prince Philip's first private secretary, 'there just wasn't anybody there.' In order to cope, Philip developed the prickly disciplined carapace we know so well - that puts duty above all, and reserves personal vulnerability for the privacy of the dark. If you haven't got a sense of duty you get the sort of community we have now. Mugging and drugs and abuse - intellectual abuse, intellectual mugging]' Prince Philip's devotion to duty means that, at an age when most men have long since retired, he still presides over the World Wide Fund for Nature and hundreds of other charities, travels incessantly, chairs meetings, helps raise money and launches initiatives. Intolerant of failure, he is fiercely demanding of his staff (and himself), and can be vicious in his criticism.

'Everyone has to have a sense of duty,' he says in his dry voice. 'What is certain,' says Martin Palmer, a religious consultant who works closely with him, 'is that Prince Philip's God is an authoritarian one.' Marriage gave Philip a home, a country, a passport, a new religion and the first real stability he'd ever enjoyed.

'Poor things, what a pity they will soon be orphans.' Princess Alice travelled to Athens to plead for his life, but she was not permitted to see him. Mindful of what had happened to the Russian cousins five years earlier, King George V urged British intervention. HMS Calypso, a Royal Navy gunboat, was dispatched to remove the family from Corfu.

Legend has it that the 18-month-old prince was carried aboard in an orange crate. What is certain is that this was the start of nearly 30 years of stateless wandering.

Political turmoil had already forced Andrew's family into one exile.

Soon after Philip's birth, his father was arrested and accused of treason. ' asked the Greek Minister for War, General Pangalos.Even yesterday's wedding did nothing to erase the indignity of the eldest son apparently telling another man's wife what he wanted most was to live inside her trousers.No wonder that when their mother recently invited an elderly former private secretary to tea, she suddenly turned to him and sighed, 'Oh] And I thought I'd brought them up so well.' We are sitting, feet nearly touching, on a small dark-grey Fifties couch.He'd lost his birthright, his home, name, nationality and church.Even his birthday - fixed first in the Julian calendar and then the Gregorian - was no longer the same.BY THE TIME Prince Philip married, at the age of 26 - younger than his youngest child is today - he had lost virtually all the landmarks that tie the rest of us to childhood and give us identity.


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