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Sandwiched in between a video of her dog (of course) and some incredible-looking waffles, Bella blew our minds with some serious body hair pride.

This was no mere stubble, either—Bella's calf strands had some sizable length (enough to warrant the word "strands," TBH). I'll shave," and followed by a picture of her newly hairless legs, we're into both Bella's choice to rep the option and the casual, self-determining attitude she posted it with.

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I even have a European patent for this.", which the German store he works for, Caseking, sells online.

It's the second iteration of the design he did back in 2015.

It's giving us major Cara Delevingne vibes, in the "I live for me and no one else" state of mind.

: Google delidding even today and you'll mostly see images of razor blades next to gored CPUs, and find old forum testimonials about how to slice a processor in two without breaking it in the process.

Here she is standing her ground about her stubble: But it's not like she's hard-line no hair, either—who could forget when she got her first-ever bikini wax on Snapchat.

She's merely such a boss that she does what she wants, with apparently zero care what people think about it, a stance for body autonomy and the power of choice that we respect to no end.

You can buy it for 30 Euro, which is fairly cheap, considering you buy the CPU for, say, 300. It's impossible to kill your CPU with this."Hartung is on break from competing on the overclocker's stage at G.

Skill's Computex booth, where ,000 is on the line.

The tool has been revolutionary in making delidding both safe and easy. You place your CPU in the Delid-Die-Mate's housing, slot in the slider above the CPU, and start cranking it with a hex key. But as long as you match the CPU's corner arrow to the Die-Mate's, you're golden.

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