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I appreciate your willingness to be so responsive and the role you played in helping us get great media coverage!

As a subscriber to I have received a great deal of support from Marilyn Jones especially at the eleventh hour when I needed to get a news release disseminated immediately.

As a small non-profit group managed entirely by volunteers, this can be challenging, indeed. And even when these all fall in place, there is a lack of knowledge and experience in some areas – especially in marketing. She provided our society with a timely, cost-effective solution backed up by her deep knowledge and experience in knowing where to target our message.

So, far we at the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters have really enjoyed using your media database.

The day after you sent out our media release, , my day consisted of 90 phone calls- ALL media related.

In all honesty I don't there was a TV, newspaper or news radio station that didn't cover this story.

Instead, please consider purchasing a subscription and we will be be happy to provide you with contact information for all the reporters and media outlets in Alberta.

The Alberta Family Histories Society and I, in particular, want to thank Marilyn for helping to get the word out about our Family Roots2017 Genealogy Conference.

I will definitely work with you again but I'll be sure to wait until 9 am :) Thanks Marilyn.

Marilyn, you really did a great job providing us suggestions on the best way to pitch our story idea to the media, putting the release together and sending it out.

Many graduates of this program are well-known personalities, working as announcers, news/sports reporters, copywriters, producers and promotions coordinators at radio stations throughout Canada.

If you’re a subscriber to this directory, please login to view the complete listings for the daily, weekly, monthly newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations in Alberta.

I can't thank you enough for being there that morning (and I do apologize for getting you out of bed) but also that you followed up with me throughout the day and kept me informed on what you were hearing.


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