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Back to Top There are two types of CSOS Certificates: Each CSOS Certificate (both Administrative and Signing) are issued to individual subscribers.

Certificates must never be used by anyone other than the individual subscriber (a person, not a location) the certificate was issued to.

While the paper DEA Form-222 ordering process is still allowed, CSOS is the only method for ordering Schedule I and II controlled substances electronically.

The Registrant may serve the role of Coordinator, or may delegate the role of Coordinator to another individual who must enroll in the CSOS program.

If the Registrant wishes to be the Coordinator, he/she should only submit a Registrant application (Form DEA-251) and not a Coordinator application (Form DEA-252).

Each CSOS Coordinator will be approved by DEA to fulfill the role of Coordinator for each location, but will be issued only one CSOS Administrative Certificate.

Example 2: A company with multiple locations (DEA Registrations) may order their controlled substances from a central distribution warehouse.

A CSOS Coordinator is required for each DEA Registration number enrolled in the CSOS program.

The role of Coordinator may be served by the Registrant, as mentioned above.

Example 1: An individual representing multiple locations will list each DEA Registration for which he/she would like to be associated on his/her CSOS Certificate Application.

For applicants approved for purchasing controlled substances, a separate CSOS Signing Certificate will be issued to that individual for each location.

If the Registrant does not server the role of Coordinator, then the CSOS Coordinator may be any individual in the DEA Registrant's organization and must have his/her CSOS Application signed by the Registrant.

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